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Solidity 0.4.3 Release Announcement

Posted by Solidity Team on October 25, 2016


This is a real bugfix release as you can see from the changelog below. The most important fix concerns the optimizer which generated invalid code connected to the SHA3 opcode in certain situations.


  • Inline assembly: support both suicide and selfdestruct opcodes (note: suicide is deprecated).
  • Inline assembly: issue warning if stack is not balanced after block.
  • Include keccak256() as an alias to sha3().
  • Support shifting constant numbers.


  • Commandline interface: Disallow unknown options in solc.
  • Name resolver: Allow inheritance of enum definitions.
  • Type checker: Proper type checking for bound functions.
  • Type checker: fixed crash related to invalid fixed point constants
  • Type checker: fixed crash related to invalid literal numbers.
  • Type checker: super.x does not look up x in the current contract.
  • Code generator: expect zero stack increase after super as an expression.
  • Code generator: fix an internal compiler error for L.Foo for enum Foo defined in library L.
  • Code generator: allow inheritance of enum definitions.
  • Inline assembly: support the address opcode.
  • Inline assembly: fix parsing of assignment after a label.
  • Inline assembly: external variables of unsupported type (such as this, super, etc.) are properly detected as unusable.
  • Inline assembly: support variables within modifiers.
  • Optimizer: fix related to stale knowledge about SHA3 operations

A big thank you to all contributors who helped make this release possible!

Download the new version of Solidity here.

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