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Solidity 0.4.12 Release Announcement

Posted by Solidity Team on July 3, 2017


This release introduces the AST export, solidifies inline assembly, introduces some more warnings and fixes several bugs.

Manual jumps in assembly are deprecated in favour of the structured constructs switch, for and function calls also to provide better portability in the future.


  • Assembly: Add CREATE2 (EIP86), STATICCALL (EIP214), RETURNDATASIZE and RETURNDATACOPY (EIP211) instructions.
  • Assembly: Display auxiliary data in the assembly output.
  • Assembly: Renamed SHA3 to KECCAK256.
  • AST: export all attributes to JSON format.
  • C API (jsonCompiler): Use the Standard JSON I/O internally.
  • Code Generator: Added the Whiskers template system.
  • Inline Assembly: for and switch statements.
  • Inline Assembly: Function definitions and function calls.
  • Inline Assembly: Introduce keccak256 as an opcode. sha3 is still a valid alias.
  • Inline Assembly: Present proper error message when not supplying enough arguments to a functional instruction.
  • Inline Assembly: Warn when instructions shadow Solidity variables.
  • Inline Assembly: Warn when using jumps.
  • Remove obsolete Why3 output.
  • Type Checker: Enforce strict UTF-8 validation.
  • Type Checker: Warn about copies in storage that might overwrite unexpectedly.
  • Type Checker: Warn about type inference from literal numbers.
  • Static Analyzer: Warn about deprecation of callcode.


  • Assembly: mark MLOAD to have side effects in the optimiser.
  • Code Generator: Fix ABI encoding of empty literal string.
  • Code Generator: Fix negative stack size checks.
  • Code generator: Use REVERT instead of INVALID for generated input validation routines.
  • Inline Assembly: Enforce function arguments when parsing functional instructions.
  • Optimizer: Disallow optimizations involving MLOAD because it changes MSIZE.
  • Static Analyzer: Unused variable warnings no longer issued for variables used inside inline assembly.
  • Type Checker: Fix address literals not being treated as compile-time constants.
  • Type Checker: Fixed crash concerning non-callable types.
  • Type Checker: Fixed segfault with constant function parameters
  • Type Checker: Disallow comparisons between mapping and non-internal function types.
  • Type Checker: Disallow invoking the same modifier multiple times.
  • Type Checker: Do not treat strings that look like addresses as addresses.
  • Type Checker: Support valid, but incorrectly rejected UTF-8 sequences.

A big thank you to all contributors who helped make this release possible!

Download the new version of Solidity here.

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