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Solidity 0.4.26 Release Announcement

Posted by Solidity Team on April 29, 2019


This is a bugfix release for the 0.4.x series that contains backported fixes for important bugs that affected code generation. It also contains a fix that makes the emscripten target compatible with newer browser versions.

Important Bugfixes:

  • Code Generator: Fix initialization routine of uninitialized internal function pointers in constructor context.
  • Type System: Use correct type name for contracts in event parameters when used in libraries. This affected code generation.


  • ABIEncoderV2: Refuse to generate code that is known to be potentially buggy.
  • General: Split rule list such that JavaScript environments with small stacks can use the compiler.

A big thank you to all contributors who helped make this release possible!

Download the new version of Solidity here.

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