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Solidity Summit 2020 Goes Interspace

Posted by Franziska Heintel on April 17, 2020


Tl;dr: As already announced on Twitter, we transformed the Solidity Summit, which was initially planned to be an in-person meeting in Berlin, into an online event. Today, we are excited to share that the summit will be powered by Interspace.Chat. Interspace is a virtual meeting infrastructure based on self-hosted Jitsi video chat rooms. Check out the Solidity Summit's preliminary event agenda here and make sure to register if you want to partipate!

What is the Solidity Summit?

The Solidity Summit is a free interactive forum with discussions and talks on Solidity, Yul, language design and tooling. It will take place on April 29-30.

We aim to

  • have useful (language design related) discussions that result in improvement proposals, leading to actual implementations
  • foster communication between teams working on similar topics
  • identify needs for the smart contract ecosystem for Ethereum

We will discuss

  • Change proposals and analysis around Solidity and Yul
  • Debuggers
  • Source verification
  • Upgradable contracts & libraries
  • NatSpec
  • Metadata / packages
  • Testing for smart contracts
  • Integration into existing "larger ecosystem tools" (e.g. vscode via Language Server, LLVM, DWARF)
  • Mechanisms / programming patterns (on the EVM) like mutexes, state machines, create2, etc.

...and more!

For a sneak peak of the full agenda, click here.

How can you participate?

If you'd like to participate, please make sure to register upfront via the application form on the Solidity Summit website.

We would like to stress that this summit will be focusing especially on language design and tools/ecosystem and aims to collect community feedback on how to improve Solidity and the compiler. While developers writing Solidity contracts are very welcome to share their experience during the summit, this is probably not the conference where you'll learn "how to develop dapps on Ethereum using Solidity".

There are two options how you can participate during the summit:

  1. Join the Jitsi video conference. This option is recommended for speakers and people that would like to actively participate in the open discussion sessions.
  2. Watch the livestream. This option is recommended for attendees that would rather just listen in and allows to do other things at the same time (not recommended ;))/ saves CPU. Asking questions during Q&A will be possible using the chat.

Unless you actively want to participate/ talk/ present during the respective session, we recommend using the livestream option to ensure a smooth experience for everyone.

Once we're live, you'll be able to find all links you need in one place:

  • YouTube livestream
  • Jitsi lobby room
  • Jitsi main conference room
  • Option to create Jitsi breakout rooms
  • Chat
  • Conference agenda
  • POAP badge claim

To not miss any update on the Solidity Summit, follow us on Twitter.

Can't wait to see you in(ter)space soon!

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