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Solidity 0.8.14 Release Announcement

Posted by Solidity Team on May 18, 2022


Solidity v0.8.14 fixes two important bugs.

The first one is related to ABI-encoding nested arrays directly from calldata. You can find more information in the blog post.

The second bug is triggered in certain inheritance structures and can cause a memory pointer to be interpreted as a calldata pointer or vice-versa. We also have a dedicated blog post about this bug.

Apart from these, there are several minor bug fixes and improvements.

Please note: Unfortunately, the npm wrapper package of this version is corrupted. Using the new soljson.js with solc-js 0.8.13 will work, but the 0.8.14 npm release (now marked as deprecated) is missing a file and due to that does not work properly. We released 0.8.14-fixed in case you need a working npm package as dependency. Note however, that npm will not pick it up automatically.

Full Changelog

Important Bugfixes:

  • ABI Encoder: When ABI-encoding values from calldata that contain nested arrays, correctly validate the nested array length against calldatasize() in all cases.
  • Override Checker: Allow changing data location for parameters only when overriding external functions.

Compiler Features:

  • Assembly-Json Exporter: Include source list in sourceList field.
  • Commandline Interface: Option --pretty-json works also with the following options: --abi, --asm-json, --ast-compact-json, --devdoc, --storage-layout, --userdoc.
  • Language Server: Allow full filesystem access to language server.
  • Peephole Optimizer: Remove operations without side effects before simple terminations.
  • SMTChecker: Support abi.encodeCall taking into account the called selector.


  • Assembly-Json Exporter: Fix assembly json export to store jump types of operations in jumpType field instead of value.
  • SMTChecker: Fix ABI compatibility with z3 >=4.8.16.
  • SMTChecker: Fix bug when z3 is selected but not available at runtime.
  • Type Checker: Properly check restrictions of using ... global in conjunction with libraries.
  • TypeChecker: Convert parameters of function type to how they would be called for abi.encodeCall.

A big thank you to all contributors who helped make this release possible!

Download the new version of Solidity here.

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