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November 16, 2023

Solidity Summit 2023

Istanbul Congress Center, Istanbul, Turkey

Event Recap

Thank you for joining Solidity Summit 2023!

Solidity Summit 2023 was part of the Devconnect week and took place on Thursday, November 16, 2023. With roughly 300 participants, the event was well attended.

The day was packed with 15+ sessions on:

  • Solidity internals and tips & tricks
  • Solidity tooling
  • Smart contract testing & security best practices
  • EVM Languages and mechanisms ... and more!

The full agenda of the day is displayed below. You can watch all talks by browsing through the individual videos in the YouTube playlist or in the StreamETH archive.

More about Solidity Summit

The Solidity Summit is a collaborative event focusing on the future of Solidity, featuring discussions and talks on Solidity, Yul, language design, security, tooling, and more.

During the event, you can expect to:

  • Get up to speed with the latest language proposals and new features.
  • Hear updates from Solidity tooling and security experts.
  • Learn from Solidity power users.

We aim to have useful discussions that result in language improvement proposals and, ultimately in actual implementations. Furthermore, we want to foster communication between teams working on similar topics and identify needs for the smart contract ecosystem of Ethereum.

The Solidity Summit is a one-day forum for the Solidity ecosystem. It is for all people involved and interested in the Solidity language and the tooling around it.

Who is Solidity Summit for?

The Solidity Summit focuses on advanced Solidity users and other stakeholders of the Solidity ecosystem, such as tool builders, auditors, and security researchers.

Solidity Language Shapers

Experts in Solidity, or other EVM smart contract languages, can share updates, or present improvement ideas and their thoughts.

Tooling Builders & Auditors

IDE developers, debuggers, analysis tools, or testing frameworks can use this occasion to share updates with the audience.

Solidity Enthusiasts

Seasoned Solidity users can share their finest Solidity hacks, tips, and comments!

2023 Event Schedule

You can find the agenda for Solidity Summit 2023 below.

TimeTitleSpeaker (Affiliation)
9:00+++ Registrations Open +++
10:00Opening & Welcome NoteFranziska Heintel (Solidity team, EF)
10:10Solidity in 2023: Recent and Planned FeaturesDaniel Kirchner (Solidity team, EF)
10:25Decoding the EVM: A New Debugging Format for Smart Contractsgnidan (Ethereum Foundation)
10:55via-IR speedrunNikola Matić (Solidity team, EF)
11:10How Good Is Your Formal Specification? Mutation Testing To The Rescue!Chandrakana Nandi (Certora)
11:40Test your tests: The dos and don'ts of testingKurt Willis (Trail of Bits)
12:10The Art of Huffjtriley (Independent Huff Contributor)
12:40+++ Lunch Break +++
13:25Solidity's most common security pitfalls (and its best safeguards)gmhacker (Immunefi)
13:55Deep dive into L2 deployed contractsRen Crypto Fish (Electric Capital)
14:10Documenting Solidity with diagramsNick Addison (sol2uml, Origin Protocol)
14:25Namespace storage (for now and for a verkle EVM)Hadrien Croubois (OpenZepplin)
14:40Differential Fuzzing with Foundry for Gas OptimizationAnna Carroll (Independent)
15:10Beyond Fuzzing: Symbolic Testing in PracticeDaniel "karmacoma" Reynaud (a16z crypto)
15:40+++ Short Break +++
15:55Branching Tree Technique: Writing structured Solidity testsPaul Razvan Berg (Sablier)
16:10The State of EVM Languages: Panel DiscussionHarikrishnan (Spearbit), maddiaa (Aztec, Huff contributor), Grant (Fe), zee eighty (Vyper), jtriley (Edge)
16:50Slang: Building Solidity Compiler APIs from a Declarative Language SpecificationOmar Tawfik (Nomic Foundation)
17:20How we built MUD: An onchain kernel for complex applications on EthereumAlvarius (Lattice Labs)
17:50Experimental SolidityDaniel Kirchner (Solidity team, EF)
18:20Thank you noteVishwa Mehta (Solidity team, EF)
18:30+++ End of Conference +++

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See you soon!

To stay up-to-date about future Solidity Summits, follow Solidity on Twitter or Mastodon, or monitor the Solidity blog for announcements.

Feel free to send feedback and ideas for the upcoming summits our way (solidity-summit[at]ethereum.org) and see you all soon at the next Solidity Summit!

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